Child Abuse Hotline

Co-Parenting Tools

Domestic and Sexual Violence

Equal and Shared Parenting Groups

  • Canadian Equal Parenting Council – CEPC
  • Coalition for Fair & Equal Parenting Time, Nebraska
  • Dads of Wisconsin
  • Equal Custody for Utah Parents 
  • Georgia Shared Parenting
  • Leading Women for Shared Parenting
  • Massachusetts Dads
  • Men and Women for Equal Parenting for Australia
  • Minnesota Shared/Equal Parenting
  • Minnesota Shared Parenting Action Group
  • Missouri 4 Shared Parenting
  • Moms for Shared Parenting
  • National Parents Organization
  • Nebraska Equal Parenting Association LLC
  • Nebraska Shared/Equal Parenting
  • NC Coalition for Fathers’ Rights in Equal Parenting
  • South Dakota Shared Parenting
  • Supporters of Co-parenting in South Dakota
  • Supporters of India Shared Parenting
  • Supporters of Iowa Shared Parenting
  • Supporters of Louisiana Equal Parenting
  • Supporters of Minnesota Shared Parenting
  • Supporters of Nebraska Shared Parenting
  • Supporters of North Dakota Shared Parenting
  • Supporters of South Dakota Shared Parenting
  • Supporters of Washington State Equal Parenting
  • Wisconsin Fathers for Children and Families
  • Women who Support Equal Parenting

Noncustodial Parent Peer Support

  • Separated Parenting Access & Resource Center
  • Single-Parents- on Facebook

Parental Alienation

Radio, Podcasts


Videos, Documentaries

  • Divorce Corp
  • Erasing Family
  • Karen DeCrow Advocates for Shared Parenting
  • Romeo Misses a Payment
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