Fatherless Series, All Seven Daily Caller Articles

We are very happy to see The Daily Caller do a seven week series on Fatherlessness. Thank you to Terry Brennan, Co-Founder of Leading Women for Shared Parenting for arranging this. Here is the series in it’s entirety:

Part 1 is an introduction into the epidemic of Fatherlessness

1. America Has A Major Fatherlessness Problem On Its Hands

Part 2 explains the relationship between State Courts, Bar Associations and Fatherlessness

2. The Establishment Creates Fatherless Kids

Part 3 explains the relationship between Schools & Federal Government and Fatherlessness

3. Can Schools Help With Fatherlessness? Absolutely!

Part 4 explains the relationship between Federal & State Governments and Fatherlessness

4. Too Many States Have Laws That Literally Offer Financial Incentives to DESTROY Families

Part 5 explains the relationship between Companies, Advertising, Television & Movie Studios and Fatherlessness

5. American Popular Culture Has Portrayed Fathers as Drooling Idiots for Way Too Long 

Part 6 is about the Importance of Dads

6. What Makes Dads So Important? 

Part 7 is about Elected Officials and Fatherlessness

7. The Politics of Fatherlessness 

Fatherless Series, All Seven Daily Caller Articles

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